Why Us

Why Us?

There are several reasons why you should choose perfectenglish for your advanced English studies. More specifically, our institution is far superior to others of its kind in four key respects:

# 1: The World-class Instructor

Dr. Demetris Bogiatzis not only the most highly qualified English-language teacher in Greece but also a leading authority on the English language today, a budding novelist, a virtuoso speaker, and a charismatic educator. Perfectenglish is his brainchild, and he teaches all the English language classes himself. This factor in itself is strong enough to set Harmony & Creativity above the common run of Language Schools and Centers of English Studies that offer loosely related—but decidedly inferior—courses.

# 2: The Innovative Program

Our program is unique for two reasons: a) unlike almost any other English course on the market, it places a heavy emphasis on the development of production skills (speaking and writing) rather than recognition skills (listening and reading), thus empowering students to become effective communicators rather than passive processors of the language; and b) recognizing the importance of students’ valuable time, it is super-accelerated so that students cover twice the ground in half the time it would take them to complete a level in other institutions.

# 3: The Cool Stimulating Environment

In Harmony and Creativity, all classes are held in pleasant ultra-modern classrooms, which benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. But perhaps even more importantly, in our institution you will find none of the early signs of genital warts | ohnerezeptfreikaufwhat are the early signs of genital warts? ... they can sometimes appear inside your genitals and may ... women should look for warts in or around their vulva and ... strictness, stiffness, and dullness that bedevil the classroom experience in many other institutions. Exuding an air of coolness and calmness himself, the instructor creates a friendly atmosphere so that students learn comfortably and enjoyably through a wide range of fun and exciting activities.

# 4: Our Unbeatable Prices/Incredibly Low Fees

This is beyond the shadow of a doubt the second most crucial factor for students to consider after the merits of the instructor. After all, what use is the best instructor in the world if you can’t afford his or her fees? But although Harmony and Creativity features a brilliant teacher, a superb program, and a marvelous environment, it also offers lower prices than its competitors. As a result, all of our courses represent mind-bogglingly superior value for money. And as if the super-affordability of our regular fees wasn’t enough, we also offer significantly reduced fees for university students, and we’ve slashed fees to the bone for people who are chronically out of work. And even if you don’t belong to one of these categories, at Harmony and Creativity a special deal is always available for you too.


With so many reasons to join one or more of our amazing courses at Harmony and Creativity, what are you waiting for? Come to Harmony and Creativity and attend a lesson for free so that you can see for yourself why you should become a part of the ever-increasing community of our super excited, fully satisfied students.